Zoe Topsfield

Color, depth, light – glass has unique properties that draw me to working with it.  However, it is the relationship of ourselves with our environment and each other that informs my artistic path. So although my work may contain flowers, trees, and landscapes it is also inspired by pure emotional reflection.  Glass may be two dimensional, smooth sculpted, multi-layered, but it can also be harsh, textured, even deliberately broken.

The glass is cut and worked in sheet and powdered form, and then goes through several firings in a glass kiln.  The glass may also be handblown in a hotshop, or worked in a torch.  Sometimes I collaborate with other artists on sculptures that incorporate blacksmithing and metalwork. Glass is mostly impervious to the elements (especially here in California) and so my art may be as easily displayed outdoors in your garden art gallery, as indoors. 

If you are interested in learning any of the techniques that I use with glass, classes are taught at The Glass Studio.  Website: theglassstudio.net